Vista Balloon Adventures

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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! We hope that Vista Balloon Adventures can help you commemorate your special day. We love celebrating with our guests, and you’ll find our pilots and crew especially friendly.

How it works

The Vista Balloon experience is a 3-hour hands-on adventure including an approximately 1-hour hot air balloon flight and a gourmet brunch. Fly in one of our 8 balloons which carry from 2 to 10 guests each, gaze out at 10 volcanoes on a clear day, skim the Willamette River, and look out at the other balloons around you! We only fly at sunrise, so depending on the date you schedule, check in time will be between 5:30am and 6:30am. We will be in the air approximately 30 minutes after you check in and fly for about 1 hour. This is the only time of day we fly due to typically increasingly unstable air currents as the day progresses. Keep in mind that this is an outdoor activity in Oregon, and sometimes the weather does not allow us to fly (rain, low clouds, wind, fog…) You will want to have a Plan B for your wedding, just in case. We try to make the decision the day before if we are going to cancel due to weather.

You have the option of conducting the ceremony prior to, during, or after the flight. If you do the ceremony on the ground before launch, it would need to be no longer than 5-7 minutes due to our need to launch during a specific “window” of time. If you do the ceremony in the air, you have longer. Some couples have the wedding before launch, then fly away by themselves. Others take their parents, wedding party, minister/officiate, and photographer with them and have a brief ceremony in the air. It’s your responsibility to arrange your own officiate and photographer (they would need to be included in your passenger count). We can provide recommendations to you for both.


Depending on how many people you want to fly, TOTAL group pricing inclusive of brunch is as follows:

    • 2 passengers = $625
    • 3-5 passengers = $1,100
    • 6-10 passengers = $2,000
    • 10 passengers = Call or email us

Optional extra:Brunch-only for extra non-flying guests (limit 10) = $18


Our brunch lasts approximately 1 hour.  We have limited seating for brunch which allows for passengers, crew, pilots, and a few additional guests, so your extra non-flying guests are limited to 10. Most people who have their wedding with us will schedule a reception elsewhere later in the day, as we are typically finished by about 9:30am.  We would recommend making plans to have your reception elsewhere. There are many wineries and parks in the area that would be able to accommodate your celebration and we would be happy to provide a recommendation. We are unfortunately unable to accommodate a reception.

Please let us know if you need further information or have other questions!