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The Vista experience

Your adventure begins at dawn at our launch location in Newberg, OR (approx. 35 minutes from Portland). We start by inflating the 100ft tall balloons, a photo op in itself. Feel free to watch or join in!

After the balloons are inflated and all safety checks complete, we are ready to fly. Our FAA-licensed pilots will take you on an approximately one-hour flight, depending on wind direction. During the flight, you’ll see the vineyard lined hills of the Willamette Valley, the twisting Willamette River, and 10 mountain peaks on a clear day - all amongst several other balloons. It's breathtaking, to say the least.

Upon landing, our ground crew will meet you to help deflate the balloon and drive you back to our launch site. Help is always appreciated, but never required! After the balloons are deflated and put away, board our vans for a 15-minute ride back to the launch site. Plan on approximately 2.5 hours for the whole experience.

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Hot Air Balloon Rides

Group flights

Our most popular experience, you will fly in one of our 4 FAA-certified balloons which range in size from 4 to 10 passengers. You will be assigned to a particular balloon based on the size and total weight of your party.

Group flight
group flight
hot air balloon inflation
Private Hot Air Balloon Rides

Private flights

You will fly in one of our 2 FAA-certified private balloons. These balloons carry you, your travel companion, and the balloon pilot. Our private flights allow for a more intimate experience and are frequently used for marriage proposals, anniversary celebrations, birthdays and other special occasions. 

private balloons
private flight
hot air balloon
Gift a Flight

Gift certificates

Gift an unforgettable experience to someone special. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations or just because!  

hot air balloons over corn
balloon chase vehicle
hot air balloon top
Give a Flight

Auctions and Fundraisers

Vista Balloon Adventures annually participates in many worthy causes through a special program specifically designed for auctions and fundraisers. Our program represents a risk-free way for you to raise funds for your organization with a product that is almost always guaranteed to sell.

hot air balloon basket
sunrise flight
balloon launch