Vista Balloon Adventures

Crewing for Vista


Vista Balloon Adventures was founded in 1989 and has flown tens of thousands of passengers in the Willamette Valley.  A Vista flight takes place in the early morning in Newberg, OR, right after dawn. We typically fly 5 to 7 balloons at the same time. A lot of people make up a flight day: 7 pilots, 45+ passengers, and most importantly, about 25 ground crew (this is where you come in!)  The volunteer ground crew is the heart and soul of Vista.

The Ground Crew role
  • Coordinating the setup and launch of balloons
  • Welcoming passengers and assisting with the boarding process
  • "Chasing" the balloon while in flight and communicating with pilots
  • Helping the pilot land the balloon and managing the deflation and pack up process
  • Ensuring everyone's safety and enjoyment!
  • Read more about it.
What's in it for you?
  • An awesome experience. Balloons are simply incredible. Period.
  • Being outdoors on a beautiful day in beautiful country
  • Hanging out with fun-loving balloon fanatics
  • A certificate for a free flight every 7 times you crew
will i be a good fit?
  • You need to like getting up early-we fly right after sunrise, which means many of our meeting times are at 5:20am
  • You need to have about 2 hours to spare on each flight day
  • You need to be able to do some lifting (up to 75lbs), fast walking/jogging
  • You need to be willing to learn (we'll teach you!)
  • You need to be 18 or older
I'm interested. What now?
  • Add your name to the weekly newsletter; or
  • Give us a call at (503) 625-7385 or email us at


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