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Holidays, Gift Giving, and You

Holidays, Gift Giving, and You:

The holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about gifts and resolutions for the New Year. As my kids have gotten older the gift-giving process has become more complicated: they become more choosy and their tastes more expensive. This trend was seemingly spiraling out of control…until the 2013 holidays came along and I think we finally cracked it…trips! Instead of the usual “stuff”, each (admittedly, lucky) kid chose their own “private” trip.

So what did they receive? One went to New York, one to Hawaii, and one to Washington, D.C. And gone were all of our hotel points and air miles. But it’s the best gift-giving we’ve done. The kids loved every minute of their experiences, they had one-on-one bonding time with their parents, and maybe most importantly, we made sure that they learned something (ok we probably didn’t do as well with that in Hawaii).

We are going to try it again in 2014 for the kids AND we, the parents, are going to buy ourselves an experience as well. We stopped the “stuff” many years ago, but now we’re going to make a point of gift giving being all about the a life experience. Sitting here, right now, I don’t really know where the gifting will take us, but I do know that it will likely be somewhere we have not previously visited or something we have not done.

Of course (and you probably saw this coming), a hot air balloon adventure with Vista Balloon Adventures might very well be on that list.